4 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Business

If you want to get more traffic to your website you need to improve your search engine optimization and pay attention regularly for changes and new ways to draw viewers. Many of the SEO guides that I've seen are hard to understand because they are to technical and not written for the new user. However, if you really want to increase your traffic then learn and apply these SEO best practices.

Even though WP follows the SEO best practices there are still a number of things that you must do to get the most traffic as possible to your site. The more that you know what to do and take regular action to be recognized by the various search engines the more you'll benefit from your efforts.

Search engines are usually the biggest source of traffic for most websites and Search Engine Optimization is really a strategy that wise website owners use to get the best possible results in the rankings.

It's not like fooling the system for better results and more visitors but it's only about creating your website with optimized code and formatting that make it easier for the search engines to find your site and display it to the searcher.

The end result is a lot more traffic. So knowing how to optimize the search engines is valuable information that can always benefit you and your friends or customers website rankings.

When people search for things that you write about, you want to be as high in the rankings as possible. This being to get on the first of the search engine result pages or SERP's and get lots of traffic to your site.

So make your website search engine friendly and get the most out of them as they are continually working to help their searchers have a better experience and find what they need.

Below I've listed 6 SEO tips to get more traffic to your site:

1. Visibility Settings Option

A cool WP feature is that there is an option to hide your site from the search engines. It might be checked to give you time to build it up prior to publicly releasing it.

Just log into the admin area of your site and click on>> Settings and then>> Reading. From there scroll down until you see 'Search Engine Visibility' and make sure that the box next to 'Discourage search engines' is unchecked. Click on the save changes button.

2. Add Your Site To Google Search Console

Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools is Google's nice offering to give website owners a look at how the search engine views their site. It gives you all sorts of useful information to help you understand how your content appears in the search results and lists how often your pages are viewed.

With all of the information available at Google's Webmaster Tools you can form a wise strategy for your content to attract more viewers to your site. The Search Console will also send out an alert if there's any problems with your site that will affect your ranking.

After you have added your website to Google Search Console click on>> Crawl and then click Sitemaps. Then click on the Add Sitemap button. Then your sitemap>> sitemap_index.xml

After you add your sitemap it will be pending for a while, maybe even a few hours or as long as it takes to crawl your entire website. Then it will show your sitemap stats, the number of links found in your sitemap, how many of them were indexed, and much more. You should get in the habit of checking your search console every 2-4 weeks to gain info on your SEO efforts.

3. Use SEO Friendly URL Structures in WordPress

SEO friendly URLs clearly explain the page content like:


SEO unfriendly URL's have numbers and do not describe whats on the pages

yoursite.com... /?p=10213

So the unfriendly URLs do not clearly show what's on the pages.

Use SEO friendly permalink structure which improves your chances of getting a better, higher spot in the search engine results pages. Check and update your WP site's structure by going from your site's dash to>> Settings>> Permalinks page and select the post name option and then Save changes. This will improve your chances of getting better spots in the search results.

To check and update your WP site's structure: Settings>>Permalinks. Choose the post name option>>then Save Changes

>>>If your site has been live for more than 6 months do not change your permalink structure unless you're using the numbers option. If you change your structure on an established site you will lose your social media share count and run the risk of losing your existing SEO ranking.

4. Choose Between WWW. or no

When you first create your site you need to choose whether or not you'll be using www or not. Does it make a difference if www is shown in your website's URL?

The search engines consider those to be two completely different websites so you need to pick one and forget about it. Some have a preference but from an SEO point of view it does not matter whether you pick one or the other.

Make your own choice by going to your site dash Settings >>General page and there you can add your preferred URL in both the 'WordPress Address' and the 'Site Address fields.'

5. Choose The Best SEO Plugin

If you research on SEO plugins to find the best one you will most likely have a choice between the All-In-One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO. They are both excellent and the most popular plugins.

6. Optimize Each Blog Post For SEO

When I first started making websites I made the same mistake that many beginners make by neglecting to add my own SEO at the end of each page or post. I thought that the plugin was all that I needed, let it do it's job right. I didn't realize at the time that it was important for me to fill in my own meta title, description, categories, tags and keywords which are all located below the content area of your post on your edit page.

It's important for you to check every few weeks to see that everything is set properly and make a change here or there if necessary for normal maintenance or perhaps a strategy change.

If you follow these 6 tips to get more website traffic and use the best WP SEO plugin you are ahead of most. Understanding and applying the basics regularly will make a huge difference in your efforts to increase your traffic and sales.
Keeping your site current and getting it the maximum exposure are 2 major ways to gear up your digital presence and extract the maximum benefits out of your online ecosystem. One of the easiest ways of that is to keep on posting the quality content associated with your industry and offering the helpful advice and tops, to your target audience. That can be done in the most convenient way in the form of blogging. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you should be able to succeed in achieving the maximum goals by regular blogging. Let us know about them.

Write the content that matters

In order to serve their audience in a better way, the major search engines are constantly adding more sophisticated parameters to their content guidelines. So, make sure that you are consonantly updated with the latest algorithms and review if your content meets the new guidelines or the changes it needs. It will help you to gain the maximum SEO benefits out of your blogging efforts

• Avoid using too many technical jargons or including convoluted technical details. You don't have to sound like a professor!

• Cite the sources for your content at the end so as to establish a trust factor.

• Check deeply for the accuracy of your content- figures, facts, data and other vital statements.

• Ensure that your content sounds professional, is creative and appealing and most importantly adds to the knowledge of the reader.

Keywords and backlinks- To use or not to use?

While it has now been a long time since the quality search engines have started looking at high-density keywords and loads of backlinks have with suspicion, many companies are still following this old tradition. In fact, this old trite traditions can actually harm your site's ranking. However, that does not mean that the keywords and backlinks are passé. The only change is that the quantity has now been replaced with quality. Using them in the right way can offer you great benefits.

• Instead of going for loads of backlinks you should better pay attention towards earning some quality backlinks that exude reputations and trust. Check their DA and other vital details before deciding on backlinks.

• Similarly, you don't have to suffuse the content with the keywords but to use the right keywords in the right places like headings and opening paragraphs.

Blog Marketing

There are a number of average quality blogs that get a huge series of comments, are liked and shared by hundreds of people and bring huge returns to the bloggers. Ironically, you can also find some superb blogs having zero comments, maybe 4-5 likes and a similar number of shares. The message here is not that the quality of content does not matter. It is the most important thing. However, it is even more important to take the right measures to ensure that your blog gets the maximum exposure over the net.

• Identify the genuine relevant groups on social media where you can share your blogs. For example, if you have written a nice blog on traveling then you can join the most active travel groups on Facebook and spread your blog link in those groups. For the maximum impact, you can support such posts with a short summary and graphics.

• It is always a good idea to conclude your blog with something that should encourage the readers to interact. For example, you can ask their opinion, suggestions or views. The basic idea is to connect the reader personally with your content. Prompt answer or thanking the users for their comments also help you in a certain way.

Guest Blogging

There are a number of blogs that accept quality guest blogs and would allow you to link back to your site. By offering them the regular guest blogs, you can actually start a steady journey towards enhancing your visibility to the targeted audience.

• If you are not really good at writing, then you can also take the help of a well-experienced content writer who is great with words. In this way, you will have a better chance of your post being accepted.

• Check the DA (Domain Authority) of the blog prior to writing a guest blog for it. Posting guest posts on the blogs that don't enjoy a good DA cannot be called really fruitful for our business as you will not be able to get the SEO benefit or desired exposure. For the best benefits adhere to the blogs with high DA.